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How do I know if my deals are being handled properly?

Customized Lenders Services/Cascade Settlement Agency (CLS/CSA) prescreens all of our vendors to be sure that they are experienced and competent in their particular business. Besides the core competencies, we look for vendors that have our same philosophy with regards to customer service. At CLS/CSA we pride ourselves on catering to the needs of our customers to ensure that the deal gets closed. We insist on the same from our vendors and monitor their performance, not just on turnaround times, but also on customer satisfaction.

How do I track the progress of each component of the settlement process?

Very easily! As your vendor manager we take care of tracking the progress for you. You can contact your CLS/CSA representative at anytime for a status report on your particular deal. The CLS/CSA agent will insure that each vendor is processing your file in the manner and time period specified by you.

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